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Samsung wants to use Bixby Yes or Yes in the Galaxy S8

Samsung launched Bixby next to the Samsung Galaxy S8 as its new Intelligent Assistant. Smart phone even has a specific button to run the intelligent wizard. In fact, such relevance has given Samsung to its platform, which wants to be used Yes or Yes.

You cannot change the function of the button

Given that Bixby has a specific button, we have an additional physical button to which we normally on any Smartphone with Android. If you already by itself it is possible to modify the functions of any physical button on the mobile, this remapeando, it is normal that the users have found how remap function button Bixby, and more taking into account that the platform is not widespread yet, and that the button so far is very useless. However, Samsung has blocked this possibility, that is not possible to remap the button of Bixby, but can only be used with the Intelligent Assistant. That means we will need to use this button for Bixby Yes or Yes, and that therefore it is normal that we end up using, because if not we will have a button it completely useless.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A specific button for Bixby

Samsung wanted from the outset that Bixby was a platform used, and so added a unique to the smart Wizard button. In general, smart attendees are useful when you use them enough and we have learned to become a help. However, for that you have to use them, and many users do not make the effort to learn each of the smart wizard platforms that exist, so at the end, do not use them. Samsung solution has been to include a unique mobile button, waiting for that so the users use it and see how useful that is. And can remapearlo become a platform that will have to use Yes or Yes.

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