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Samsung Pay will come to Europe, and first land in Spain

Yes, I know it. Some will think that Samsung Pay had already reached Spain, but not so. In fact payment platform is not yet available in our country, although they announced an agreement with CaixaBank a few months ago. However, now yes confirms that the platform will first land in our country, in regard to Europe, following after his way to the United Kingdom and other countries of the continent.

When we talk about Smartphone launches in Europe, rarely Spain tends to be included among the first. Perhaps on occasions is included in the first group of releases. At other times it does not occur, as with the iPhone, and is relegated to a second group of releases. With mobile services, it can be even worse. The arrival in Europe of any service is first landing in United Kingdom. But will not be the case of Samsung Pay, which will land in Spain, being both one of the countries that will be first available around the world, taking into account United States, and South Korea, obviously, two countries playing in another League regarding Samsung mobile services.

Samsung Pay Portada

However, it has now been Nathalie Oestmann, Director of Samsung Pay in Europe, which has confirmed that Spain will be the first country to receive the platform. This was something of what we had already heard about. And the possible agreement between Samsung and CaixaBank might have been the key to this. In fact, when we hear of that agreement, back in the Mobile World Congress, we came to believe that the platform launch imminently for users with a Samsung smartphone in our country, but did not. At the moment should wait, but with the confirmation that Spain will be the first country that will land the payments platform, coming here even before United Kingdom.

Samsung Pay item will come to Europe, and first land in Spain was published in AndroidAyuda.

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