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Samsung invests 30 million of euros to the day in research and development

For a long time, we have considered to Apple as the most innovative company in the world of technology. Perhaps Google has managed to do it with a similar title in the Internet world. But the truth is that in recent years, Samsung has managed to be gaining, and today we see how at the level of technology there are many more innovations than Samsung’s rivals, as it is the case of curved screens. How is that possible? It is simple, in fact, investing 30 million euros per day in research and development.

30 million euros per day

The amount is even difficult to believe. EUR 30 million in a single day. And that day after day throughout a year. How is that a company invested so much money it possible? Well, actually do not know neither what invest companies like Apple and Google, data that would be useful to make a comparison, but in any case, these figures which has announced Samsung amazed let us rather think of the vastness that is.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

It is true that should keep in mind some things. One of them is that EUR 30 million per day in the world isn’t much if we take into account the large number of divisions of Samsung. Don’t talk about a manufacturer of smartphones, but of a manufacturer of electronic components, televisions, and even tractors. Thus the things, with a company of that level, is more common that total investment is very large, because in fact we are almost talking about a lot of companies that are engaged in different activities. But even so, is a figure very high.

Whatever it is, when we see that the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7, launches in a single version with curved screen, already we can come to understand why. It investment that performs the company les makes go some few steps by ahead of its rival.

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