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Samsung Galaxy X follows its course and receives certification

Samsung Galaxy X seems to be a reality in a matter of time. Your Smartphone could be one of the most relevant developments in the world of smartphones. Now follows its course the smartphone and you would have already received certification.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X continues to advance towards the official release since up to now only been rumors which have been coming from the new mobile. In fact, for years we know that the device could be a reality, and different prototypes, folding screen, both own Smartphone have been throwing. Now it seems that the phone would have a near final model, and that the smartphone could be produced in a prototype version very soon.

Samsung Galaxy X Plegable

Moreover, now the mobile has received certification WiFi. Its technical name is SM-G888N0, which would be the name that corresponds with a high range of Samsung mobile. This could only be the Galaxy X, because it would not correspond with the Galaxy Note 8 nor nor with the S8 Active Galaxy, whose technical name is different.

Launch at the end of this year?

What still remains to be seen is if this new folding phone Samsung can be reached or not before the end of the year 2017. It might be so if everything runs its course, since now received by the mobile certification confirms that there are no many processes take place before it can be officially launched. It was believed that mobile, in fact, could be launched before the end of the year 2017, but later said that mobile would come some time later, in 2018. We don’t know if this will happen or not, but what is likely is that we have this mobile news before the end of the year.

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