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Samsung Galaxy S8: reconfiguration of buttons and headphone AKG

Buy the ship each year Samsung logo always has been synonymous with buying one of the best smartphones for every year. However, this year 2017 buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 will mean acquiring a mobile phone that improves with respect to last year. Both at the level of software, hardware and accessories.

The hardware and software changes

The Samsung Galaxy S8 present innovations both in software and hardware in this year’s Edition. The smartphone will change its appearance to remove the Home button that has usually been something characteristic of this smartphone, and which is located under the screen. This time there will be no button, prescindirá of this, and the navigation buttons will be integrated on screen. Furthermore, it appears that the company will give the option that the navigation buttons are reconfigured, so that for example we can change the location of the button kick for the multi-tasking button. Characteristic of the Samsung is that the next button is always to the right of the mobile, to make it easier to use it. But that is not the same for a left-handed user, and not all mobile phones are the same. For example, the Nexus and many others mobile have the kick to the left button, because it seems more intuitive. Now already not depend on Samsung, but it will be you who decides the order of the buttons in the navigation bar.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Diseño

AKG headphone for Samsung Galaxy S8

It will not be the only novel feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 which in addition will also come with developments in relation to the smart phone accessories. Samsung Galaxy S8 could count on AKG headphones. The company is part of the HARMANgroup, specialized in sound, which was acquired by Samsung. Include AKG headphones would be a new feature. They are headphones high quality, so to buy mobile now not we are only buying a smartphone, but also high-level accessories.

Taking into account that the headphones are a lack to buy a mobile phone increasingly common, it would be a very good thing. At the moment, that Yes, just talk about rumors, so it remains to be seen if on 29 March, when officially present the new mobile, confirmed all of these features.

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