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Samsung Galaxy S8, all features that until now discussed mobile that we expected in 2017

Can tell of way clear that will be one of the smartphones of the next year. And is that each season, the Samsung Galaxy S’s shift comes to convert is in one of them mobile of the year. The 2017 could be a great year for the Samsung Galaxy S8, and more after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not has had a great success due to the problems with the battery. As well, these are all the features of which until now was speaks with regard to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Rumors, rumors…

First of all, it must be said that this are nothing more than rumors. At the moment not only is not speaking of official information, nor talk of benchmarks, or a prototype that has appeared somewhere. It is basically a list of features that might well be false finally, filtration so it will have to be taken into account. However, if like go preparing you for what could be the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you are of that not want to wait to information official, can that you is interesting.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5

30 megapixel camera

Perhaps of all the characteristics mentioned, the most relevant is 30-megapixel camera that would tell the smartphone. Is a data that already of by itself us makes think that these features do not will be them real in the phone smart. Why? As for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 became 12-Megapixel, leaving behind 16 megapixels of the Galaxy S6. So was a camera with photo sensors more large, and captured more light, to cost of disregard of something of resolution. Has Samsung changed its plans? Well, it is a possibility, especially if they have found how to integrate a larger on the smartphone sensor, in such a way that they do not lose much in what refers to the area of the photosites, while they win resolution. Mobile front camera would be 9-megapixel, and at the moment does not speak of a configuration of dual camera of any kind. Curious, when all those mobile of range high of the market are opting for follow that road.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


In what refers to the processing capacity of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, this would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor eight-core capable of reaching a 3.2 GHz clock frequency. This wants to say that we would be talking of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830. However, it must also take into account that Samsung released several versions of its mobile, one with Qualcomm processor and one with a Samsung Exynos processor, and normally this last is coming to Europe, so still would have to wait for the presentation of a new generation of Samsung Exynos of high-end processors. Its RAM memory, on the other hand, it would be 6 GB, enough to go a little higher level, and at the same time not stay far away from any smartphone that will already reach the 8 GB of RAM.

Finally, it is options memory 64 and 128 GB, with the possibility of extending through two microSD card memory. This would also be a novelty, but it is complex and difficult to implement. See finally what happens.

Among the rest of the features that are discussed, perhaps one would highlight the fact that mobile would have with Wireless charging, fast charge, a fingerprint reader, a retina scanner, and even a mini projector, it said, although it is unlikely this last. Its battery would be of 4.200 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Portada

Screen 4K

Other data that we can not ignore, and that completes this article on the possible characteristics of the future Samsung Galaxy S8, is the screen 4K that would be. It would be a 5.2-inch display, a size that is relatively common in the flagship of Samsung, although with a resolution that would be novel, only achieved by any smartphone from Sony that did not use this resolution at all times, but only in precise moments. With this resolution the phone would reach the 4,096 x 2,160 pixels, a figure very high.

However, at the moment this isn’t more than information that we can hardly confirmed, and that it could be false. Only helps us to get an idea of what could be Samsung Galaxy S8. If true, the mobile launch in April of the next year 2017, with a price of about 775 euros.

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