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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it will be here on August 19

It will be on August 19 when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is already available, and when we say acquire, don’t talk about its launch, but that we will have it in the stores, or we can already receive it at home if we have booked it before. That will be the day in which we can start to use this new smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be one of the most relevant smartphones in the second half of this year 2016. The Smartphone will have the best properties on the market, since it refers to your screen, up to what has to do with the camera, processor and memory units. Its official launch is expected for an event on August 2. However, as it stands, it will not be on the same day when we already have it at home, with the exception of those that try to escape it the day of the event. But it will not take much more to get. On August 19, all users who have asked for it may receive it, as well as those who go to a store official, provided there is available units.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Azul Oficial

August 3-buchen

In theory, because this are nothing more than rumors and it is not official information, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already you could book on August 3. I.e., a day after his presentation, mobile could reserve at Samsung official stores to receive it at home.

Launch in Europe

But the most important of all is that not only mobile will come to the United States and Asia, as happened last year, but that will also come to Europe. It is almost confirmed on this occasion, and finally the European users can receive a smartphone of Samsung Galaxy Note family, because two years earlier that was launched not one in this region. Great news for all users of this mobile.

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