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Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will come soon: mid-range, big screen

It Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will this year once more to become one of the cheapest Samsung strongly reminiscent to the flagship. It is something like a very economical S8 Galaxy. It is clear, also more basic, but with an interesting enough level. In this case, we run with a mid-range smartphone, and with a large-format screen.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

With a large-format, 5.5 inchscreen, and a resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will be an interesting smartphone. A range mean that carrying the brand of Samsung, could look very similar to the Galaxy S8. A great choice for users who want a mobile phone from Samsung, but who do not want to pay the price of the flagship.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

In addition, this Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 will also include a Exynos 7870’s eight-core processor, which is typical of middle range mobiles, as well as a 2 GB RAM memory, with an internal memory to be 16 GB on the more basic version of the smartphone.

The main camera will be very interesting, with a 13-megapixel resolution, as well as a 5 megapixelfront camera.

The funny thing is that with these features the smartphone will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 from last year, although it is possible to see if any news regarding what the operating system, such as the integration of Android 7.0 Nougat as firmware.

If exterior design is what even we cannot confirm, although the Galaxy J are motile with a metal frame and a rear plastic housing. Perhaps we see this year a progress towards the metal as a material for the rear housing. I would not be rare that we find us including elements such as a fingerprint, or NFC reader to make mobile payments with the Samsung Pay platform, which would be enough news for the smartphone becomes an interesting update, and a good choice for those seeking a mobile Samsung.

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