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Samsung DeX, the dock that would turn your Samsung Galaxy S8 in a PC

We said that one of the characteristics that could go with the Samsung Galaxy S8 was something of a Continuum, a function of mobile phones with Windows of high level that gave us the possibility of using them as a PC. As well, this will be possible thanks to an accessory that will be a dock named Samsung DeX, and which will be next to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung DeX

The new dock has been registered, thus confirming a clear which will be the accessory that will be launched with the flagship of the company. So far, we didn’t know much more than the idea of Samsung was the launch this feature with the mobile, but didn’t know how. The Continuum of the Windows Phone function that included an accessory, but it was not clear how it was going to be this new development in the case of Samsung mobile. Now that there has been this new accessory, it is clear that it will be the key to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a PC.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The name Samsung DeX comes from Desktop EXperience. It will probably be a dock that will connect to our Samsung Galaxy S8 by half of the port USB Type-C. Then this dock will feature tomas USB and HDMI to connect a monitor and also a keyboard and a mouse, or it is even possible that the Bluetooth connection is used to connect these devices. Of course, it will also be connected to the mains to load the mobile battery, because enough power will be consumed.

Samsung Galaxy S8, does lack a PC?

Of course, now one can wonder whether to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8, you need a computer. The truth is that it begins to not be so clear that it is necessary. All mobile applications, including the high-level, will run perfectly on a Samsung Galaxy S8. We would have to do without some very professional softwarel, as it could be the case of Photoshop or Lightroom, as well as professional video or audio editing software. For what users use their computer in the vast majority of cases, however, how to write documents, or to work more productively on a larger screen, it may not be necessary much more. And I say that even for jobs like mine, in which writing is the main thing, and the edition of images does not require extremely advanced applications.

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