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Samsung already speaks of the Galaxy S8: new design and best camera

Don’t talk about rumors, not. In reality we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than one of Samsung executives. And not any one, but which aspires to be the next leader of Samsung Electronics. It is who has spoken about the future of the flagship company. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a new design and an improved camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The words come from the same Lee Jae-yong, who is little known by his name among the users, but that is a very important character within the company. Basically, it is one of the senior executives of Samsung, and is the son of the current President of Samsung Electronics. In addition, is also considered the successor in office, something that becomes very important after health problems that prompted his father to suffer a heart attack. I.e., the future President of Samsung Electronics, has spoken of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and by that their words are so relevant. It has referred to two features of the new phone, its design, and your camera.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Specifically, he said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a “slick design”.¬†This means that the design of the smartphone will be more optimized, and will be somewhat more minimalist. Still more carefully than the of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7. And does not seem anything stranger than saying at this time have something to do with the MIX my Xiaomi. It was rumored that the phone could count with both sides and the upper section of the curved front being the curved screen. It could thus be a screen without end both the upper section and the side, or at least give us that effect.

Dual camera?

On the other hand, said that the smartphone will have an improved camera. Well, it’s really obvious. But his words confirm that the camera will be another of the protagonists elements in the new generation of the flagship. Perhaps a dual camera, iPhone 7 Plus style. It is likely, it seems complex to innovate with this camera in any other way, and at the same time keep pace with Apple, Huawei and company with those new dual-lens cameras.

Whatever it is, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 could be presented at the end of the month of February, on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2017, which will be held in the city of Barcelona.

The Samsung article already talks about the Galaxy S8: new design and best camera was published in AndroidAyuda.

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