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Returns the Google Pixel navigation buttons to any Android

The navigation buttons have been a key element in Android since the launch of the operating system. Three buttons instead of one as it is the case of the iPhone. Over time the buttons have been changing, have become virtualized on screen, and Google Pixel count with a few buttons with a unique design. You can now take that design to any Android mobile.

The Google Pixel navigation buttons

While the Google Pixel are something like the Nexus of this year, the personalization of these smartphones by Google has been something deeper, counting with an exclusive launcher and some unique elements, as in the case of the search, and the navigation buttons bar. However, with multiple customization options that exist on Android, it made sense that it was possible to get the Google Pixel in any Android mobile navigation buttons.

Google Pixel en los tres colores: azul, plata y negro

With the application Pixbar is possible. Basically, this application is dedicated to changing the navigation buttons displayed on the screen we have in any smartphone by a few buttons that have the same design as the Google Pixelbuttons. That means that the triangle and the square pass to be polygons of a solid-colored, and the central button, circle, passed to count with a concentric circle.

WP-Appbox: Pixbar (€1.09, Google Play) →

At the moment, the Pixbar application is compatible with smartphones equipped with Android Lollipop as the operating system version or a later version, and of course, provided they have the navigation buttons virtualized on screen, and not physical buttons of Android. In addition, the mobile must have with Android Stock or a version with very little customization by the manufacturer. That Yes, the developer of the application says that it aims to soon be compatible also with smartphones with custom interfaces as it would be the case of the G5 LG and HTC 10.

The article carries the navigation buttons for the Google Pixel to any Android was published in AndroidAyuda.

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