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Retrieves the option of knowing where to set the car in Google Maps

Google Maps makes time allowing us to know where to set the car. A Beta of the app that included improvements in this feature could be seen during last March. The application had the addition of the option of registering manually where we had parked, improving the precision to find the car.

The version of the Beta of Google Maps included the possibility of registering manually parking including, in addition, a photograph of the parked car or notes on how to get it. A move that was greeted with joy since, so far, the accuracy of the service was not adequate and Google Maps was not able to determine automatically, where was your car.

The option has now disappeared. Google Maps updated version just a few days ago, adding features such as sharing our location in real time. He added some features and ended with others: already you can not save your parking in the application of Google. Where it was before the option to save your parking now you can find the option to share your location with your friends.

There you can no longer use Google Maps to remember where your car is and return without spin or rummage between the parking halls. The function disappeared from the application just a few days ago without any justification by Google. But are there alternatives.

Where you set the car

Google was not the only one able to help you find your car. Because you seem all the columns in the parking lot equal, because you have not paid attention to the street or because you’re in an unfamiliar city, there is a solution. Google Play has in its catalog of several apps options for you find your parked car.

WP-Appbox: Find My Car (Free+, Google Play) →

Find My Car is a free application that works through the phone’s GPS. Once you’ve parked the vehicle, the app fixed thanks to the GPS connection exact location. When it’s time to return only you will have to get to the register and follow the directions through Google Navigation. The application also you allows you to add notes and directions, taking photographs of the area or even activate a timer if you’ve parked in an area of payment.

WP-Appbox: Parkify – Where is my car (Free+, Google Play) →

Another option for the forgetful is Parkify. This one, unlike the first, works automatically if you forget to register the site. It’s an app that allows you to remember where you left the car thank you to Bluetooth connection. When you disconnect the handsfree Bluetoth’s car, the position will be saved automatically. To only return you need to enter the app, find the location and reach it. If you do not have Bluetooth in your car it is not a problem. Parkify also works with motion detection, through sensors that will detect when you have downloaded from the vehicle.

In addition, Parkify also allows you to find another parking. It’s a collaborative app allowing you to see where other users have just come out of his parking place and where you have left a hole free, if you want to deal with it.

Aplicación encontrar tu coche

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