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Replace it immediately if the cable of your phone begins to fail,

Its price is insignificant, we can almost, or consider it. The manufacturers what they give with their mobile. Is included with all kind of actions for mobile. But its relevance can be very high. It can be decisive, and it may even be able to do away completely with our mobile. We talked about the USB cable. If starts to fail, will be better that the substitute immediately.

The cable USB begins to fail

USB cables can fail in two ways. An of them is that not get serve as medium of transfer of energy, something that could occur of form simple with the passage of time, especially if them cables are of bad quality. If this happens, the battery could charge more slowly, and even could decalibrate. In this case, we can change the cable with a new one and will not have much problem. However, if the problem comes by a connection error, then continue using the cable is a huge mistake, why?

USB Type-C

A connection in the cable error occurs because there is a physical defect in this. Perhaps the connector is damaged. If we continue to use this cable, it may also damage the connector of your mobile phone. The difference is in that while yes we can change easily a cable, spending between 0.50 euros and 10 euros, not can do it same with the connector of a mobile.

Charging a mobile phone connector is welded to the base plate. If it is damaged, we have few options. One of them is that someone with a lot of ability be able to disassemble the mobile, remove the connector and solder a new connector. With the level of miniaturization of components today, we are not talking about ability, in reality we are talking about almost impossible. But even to make this possible, would have to disassemble it, and reassembling it. A complete madness, which furthermore depends on the ease to repair the phone. The other option is to completely change the plate basis, which includes elements such as the processor, the RAM, internal memory, sensors… Also something unthinkable. I.e. we’re almost talking to change completely mobile.

Adaptador USB

And it is not necessary, if when the cable begins to fail, you change it with a new one. It is much cheaper, and you make sure not to have problems. For this reason there are different useful inventions, such as adapters that are attached to the connector, that are magnetic and reversible. If these are damaged, it would only have to replace them with others. They are a great option, and we can get them for less than 15 euros. The connector of your mobile phone will always be perfect, and we will never have this problem.

Immediately replace the item if the cable of your phone begins to fail, was published in AndroidAyuda.

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