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Renew your Android smartphone with this pack of icons

Many times, changing a terminal is a fad, and we want that fancy since we’ve tired of our current smartphone. This change not is always justified, since comes a new terminal to the market that meets the same needs that your terminal current, but to the be more new, want to have it. Today I tramemos a way that does not get tired of your current device and you can give a new touch of personalization.

SILHOUETTE is an interesting icon pack

One of the ways that do not tire of your terminal is simply renew the icons. This simple action will make you see your phone in a different way, since we get tired of see our display always the same, and in the same way. Something as simple as changing your wallpaper or changing all icons pack will not get bored of your smartphone and you can hold with him one while longer until you buy a new. This pack of icons brings us a few interesting patterns, which are based on Material Design and have a rather striking dark theme. We must remember this pack of icons that must be complemented by a launcher as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher.

Aplicación iconos

When you open the application we realize that also has a few interesting wallpapers that will help this renewal of your terminal. If going to the paragraph of icons we see all the applications for which have icons, and are enough. We see all the icons of applications from Google, social networks, 66 games, and up to 478 applications in general. As already discussed above, these icons stand out for having a dark theme with fairly muted colors combined with a small part of a very vivid color.

It best of all, is that is free

SILHOUETTE is free on Google Play, but there are some icons that are not free packs which will make that it not cost us anything to renew our terminal. In general, this pack of icons is based on a combination of a few very muted colors and other vivid colors, very minimalist design, and a wide variety of different icons.

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