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Register so that you can find out when leaving Mega Man games

One of the paragraphs that more you like to the people that uses Android is the of them games, since have a huge variety of games that can choose in Google Play. This year, there are several games that have been able to stand out above others, as Clash Royale, which belongs to the people of Supercell, which are the same that did Clash of Clans, and Pokémon GO, the phenomenon of this year that is truth that has had a small downturn after the impact that had on his launch. But today, we bring you good news for all lovers of the games.

Six new Mega Man for Android games

Makes so only some weeks, the company Capcom, founder of several games famous Resident Evil or Street Figther, announced that was to get six new games of Mega Man, but not for any platform, but for Android and iOS. We know more or less the date which will be, since it was announced that it would be in January, but the news that we bring you today is that already you can sign up on their website so you know when they are available for download. Click here to access the registry.


We do not know how to be this type of games, even if we assume that it will have the same way of the original Mega Man game. At the moment, the only information we have six games that will take the company, is the name of each, and a brief summary of them.

Is it free?

We don’t have news about if Capcom wants that Mega Man is a set of payment, or have additional content which you would pay. This is the biggest problem of all manufacturers, decide if the game will be a super sales in the market of applications, or has to go to and make a free game.

Anyway, select what you choose, become a very criticized play by the great variety of opinions that there is in the Android community, since some do not like pay games and prefer to enjoy a demo version to play it, or those who prefer to be paid, or having purchases within the application to move forward faster.

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