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Print photos from your Android mobile with these apps

In a time where retro is fashion (consoles, applications, filters, video games series…) photography could not be less. Phones cameras continue to evolve and have turned into a tool virtually essential to our day to day. However, see the photos on paper never goes out of style and never cease out services and applications that print, with quality, photos from your Android mobile.

The main advantage of these services and applications is that it will not have to do anything except install the app on the phone to order the photographs. Without passing them to the computer or accessing any web page to choose the images you want to print. Simply access the Gallery from the app in particular, fill in personal data, pay them and receive vacation photos at home, with the format and size you want. There are many options.

Print from the phone is comfortable and simple but it will not be as cheap as in specialized services of photography and specialist shops. They are applications designed to print only the best images of the phone, already retouched and arranged so that they look perfect. In many cases, in addition, applications can access your account on Instagram and print uploaded photographs, if you want paper to any image you’ve lost but follow available online app.

Imprime las fotos de tu móvil

One of the most popular options is Paper Lover. A simple and free app that will allow you to print a box with 47 photos with measures 10 × 10 for 17 euros, with shipping included. Paper Lover lets you customize the etqueta of the box and offers different designs and prints for the presentation suits what you are looking for. Besides photographs square also offers a larger, with a folder with 47 photos 10 × 15 which has a price of 21 euros (including postage).

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Another option to print your pictures from mobile phones is Cheerz. Unlike the previous application, it allows more choices and products with the photos on your phone. Albums with photos in format Polaroid, boxes of photos, custom magnets or calendars are some of the possibilities that allows. The revealed you can choose different formats: photo booth strips, square photos pictures Polaroid-like or even personalized cards. To get an idea of the price with respect to the previous application, the Cheerz Box has a price of starting from 16 euros with 30 revealed 10 × 8 cm.

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The quality of printing is the strong point of Printic. The application allows you to edit pictures but also print in Polaroid format with a size 8 x 10 cm. How is e same in older applications: If you install the app on your phone can access the image gallery and add that you like the most. Printic allows, like others, processing of photos but also magnets, posters or calendars with your photos of Instagram. Box of 50 photos with a size 8 x 10 cm or 10 x 10 cm is priced at 17.90.

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Hofmann, known platform of digital albums and revealed online, also has his app. Hofmann application allows you to create and print digital photo albums in mini size with photos of Instagram or Facebook. You can also print photos without having to exit the application and ordering from the app, select the images you want to print, and receiving it in the coming days.

WP-Appbox: Hofmann Smart Álbum and revealed (Free, Google Play) →

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