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Preparing a route in Google Maps from your PC and send it to your Android

Google Maps is a service of the most useful when we want to plan a route or move to a site. That does not deny it anyone. However, it is simpler to use it from your computer, with a larger screen and the ability to move around the map with your mouse and others. Is ideal plan a route from the computer, but it great is that we can do this and then send it to our Android, so it bring in the mobile.

Preparing a route

In principle, the only thing we have to do is to prepare a route. This means to find a place of departure and a place of arrival for our trip. This is especially useful if are in a city that not know to fund and is very large, or if are of holiday, or even simply if want to search the form more quickly of get to a site in our city because arrived afternoon.

Google Maps

For this, once we have the place of departure and the destination selected, only have to choose how we are going to move, either walking, by car, bike, bus, etc. When we have selected a route in particular of all that Google Maps offers us, we can then click on the button “Send indications to phone”. Us will be shown a list of the smartphones that we have linked to our account of Google Maps, and you can select that you want, and even email the instructions.

Once this is done, we will only have to go to our mobile if we selected a smartphone, to see that we have received a notification that lead us to Google Maps and we can see the path that we have chosen in our mobile. It’s great to plan routes from your computer and send them to your mobile phone for when we are going to go out.

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