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Prepares the Chromecast Ultra, a new device with 4K

Chromecast Ultra, this is how it could be called the new version of one of the best-selling devices of Google thanks to its quality/price ratio. We do not know if this new device will come to live with which you already have in stock, or if it would actually relieve the previous one. What we do know is that one of the novelties of this would be that it would have the ability to reproduce images or videos in 4 K resolution.

Chromecast Ultra

Although the name is not yet confirmed, and refer to other names like Chromecast Plus, or even simply Chromecast, the truth is that this Chromecast Ultra could at the same time that the new phones from Google. Its operation would be the same one that so far we have seen in the Chromecast, giving us the option of sharing the contents and the screen of your mobile phone to a television. But there would be a key difference, and is that this new version would be compatible with a resolution of 4K image. Indeed, why the name of Chromecast Ultra seems so logical, because the Ultra HD resolution would be a novelty in the device. In addition, if this is more expensive than the standard Chromecast, launched last year, would have logic that the two should continue in the market, with a differentiation in the name. It is a possibility, although we can not rule out the fact that one replaced the other directly. Finally and ultimately can not be much more expensive. You should have an intermediate price between the Chromecast and Nexus Player.

Chromecast 2

It may even be a successor to the Nexus Player. Finally, the Nexus brand seems destined to disappear, and is why the thought of Google actually launch an Chromecast Ultra that rival Apple TV and company.

That is like, the launch of the new Chromecast would be on October 4, as well as that of the new mobile Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, so it will be then when we can confirm what this new device, what is its price and what are its characteristics.

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