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Possible date of Xiaomi Mi6 and new features

Two large absences which has left US the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona have been on the one hand the Samsung Galaxy S8, we have known to be presented on March 29, and on the other hand Xiaomi MI6, which unlike its predecessor the spring will be not presented until at least. As well, today we have known a possible date of presentation of Xiaomi Mi6 and new features that could have the following ship logo of the Chinese firm.

While the new Xiaomi Mi6, the Chinese firm is entertaining us with mobile as the Xiaomi Mi5C, featuring the first processor from the company, or the Xiaomi Redmi 4 X, which hits the market with a large battery and a price of only € 100, faithful to the philosophy of Xiaomi.

Possible date of the Xiaomi Mi6

All hope to get the Xiaomi Mi6 processor Snapdragon 835 market, but this is going to be almost exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S8, so to Xiaomi Mi6 touches you to wait a little longer. Well, according to the information we have known today, new Xiaomi Mi6 would be presented next April 16, more or less three weeks after being presented the Samsung Galaxy S8.

xiaomi mi6 prototipo

In this way would be month and a half to get to know the new terminal officially Chinese. Another of the interesting details were disclosed with this rumor has to do also with the processor Snapdragon 835. Sure that you remember the Snapdragon 820 of the Mi5 Xiaomi came onto the market at a clock speed exceeding that of the competitors assembling it, something that won’t happen this year. What we have known, this new Xiaomi Mi6 will feature a processor Snapdragon 835 in all its splendor, and with the same speed and power that its competitors mounted it so it will be a real flagship capable of you looking your competition.

Finally they have advanced that there will be releases 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, 4 GB + 64 GB and 6 GB + 128 GB that they shall not exceed the price of 350 euros, something that would certainly be a great news for all who hope to become with the new terminal. Of course it’s very interesting information that takes on special significance when only a few weeks for its official launch, would be we will see if these predictions are fulfilled.

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