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Pokémon Go will do to get hooked to the game this summer

Pokémon Go fEU a success unprecedented since its launch. The Niantic game no longer causes the same fury that makes a few months but still has millions of players who take to the streets to hunt down creatures and fight for fitness. The creators of the Gamesor they do not want that the fever passes and looking for how to extend it. News, new possibilities and new features will arrive this summer in Pokémon Go to hook us.

Only a few days ago we knew rumors that spoke of an event in summer to change the form of play Pokémon Go. Rumors claimed that the dynamics of the game would have major modifications such as co-op mode or greater relevance in the form of conquer gyms. Now, the rumors appear to be firmer thanks to the statements of a member of Niantic to a Japanese site.

Battles, trade in creatures and legendary Pokemon appear to be upon arrival, which will only take a few months. Following the success of highly priced with its launch, augmented reality app has been losing strength, but new functions could return to conquer fans. In an interview in a Japanese environment, K-Tai Watch, the Manager General de Asia de Niantic, Yoshiji Kawashima, explained that something big was arriving this summer in Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon that are already and those who arrive in the app

Rumors indicate that “big” battles, legendary creatures and possibility of trading Pokémon between players. Articuno, Mew, Mewtwo and Zapdos, among others, would bring to the mobile game by the striving to be the best coach to continue. To achieve this, even, it is speculated that the players can form teams to fight against the legendary Pokemon.

But also come the battles: fighting between coaches are expected to be a reality from this summer, as well as the exchange of Pokémon between players. Both functions are, no doubt, main attractions that saga has had since birth and that now allow that Pokémon Go has a greater similarity with the original game.

There are also cooperative events through 2017. National events orway rganizados jointly by Niantic, Nintendo and Google that will allow to bind a particular place with a section in the game. As for example to go to a particular place during a time specific to capture some of the most difficult creatures.

You will have to wait to see what are the plans of the creator. You will have to wait to learn formally how you intend to Niantic return to get their initial success and refilling of creatures the parks, beaches and resorts around the world.

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