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Pokémon GO we will engage on a daily basis with new challenges

We asked news for Pokémon GO, new features that really made it interesting to play the game more than capture the creatures that remain. As well, Niantic has listened to the users, and their new roles will have as objective to engage us every day so let’s get to the game. Specifically, daily challenges which we will have to complete each day are included.

Challenges daily

Actually, not is nothing particularly new in the world of the video games. Add a feature that force us to enter the game every day to get rewards every time is greater. Of this form, will get that enter to Pokemon GO is something usual. And not speak only of enter to the game, something that is could convert in routine and issue of a few seconds. And is that is has finding in the code of the last version references to these challenges daily and in what would be the same. Apparently, these challenges will lead us to having to go to a Pokeparada a day, and to capture at least one Pokemon a day. These are two challenges that we already know.

Pokemon GO

I.e., not only we do run the game, but will have that go more beyond and put us of full in the game each day. Such action not us will take more than some few minutes when walk by the street and us crossed with the first Pokeparada or us appears the first Pokemon. However, will get that not us desenganchemos of the game. Supposedly, how much more time do this, and more days followed, best rewards would receive. We do not know exactly what might be, although there are references to an incubator to get more eggs to be opened as we walked. Eventually it wouldn’t be rare arriving other prizes, such as candy or coins.

In any case, seems that there is a third challenge that is listed as unknown. It is likely that this not refers to a challenge in particular, but simply to the possibility of adding other challenges. Not can nor rule out something that would be great, and is that each day appears a challenge different, that us raise a challenge special for which want to devote more time to the game, as could be “capture five Pokemon of type fire”, for example, or “travel today 10 kilometers”, with awards special.

An improves important for Pokemon GO

With news as them mentioned, those players not only would see more reasons to play all them days, but again Pokemon GO is would make in viral. This would happen with certain challenges that they would offer very hard to get Awards, and to do that a few users have it is to others. It could be a key in Pokemon GO novelty.

By the rhythm that often lead to the launch the functions, not would be rare that these challenges arrive in less than a month. Probably we will have some news of the launch as a week before arrive them challenges.

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