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Pokémon GO only has grace in the cities

Pokémon GO is the phenomenon of the year in the world of smartphones. Of that there is no doubt. But there is something in the game that doesn’t quite fit, and which is certainly unnatural. He main focus of activity is in the cities, when both in the game original as in the series, is in the nature, in touring roads, in explore caves…

Pokemon GO, only in the cities

Pokemon GO only has true grace in the cities and in the villages large. In fact, in a village very small is possible that not find even a Pokeparada, what means that not can get Pokeballs, the agotaremos, and not can get Pokemon even though appear. This is definitely a problem. Yes, it is true that we can apply for a Pokeparada if there is no fence and we believe that you should have it, but I do not think that it is a process very fast. And even so, not will be very useful if have in has that will continue without having a gym Pokemon closely.

Pokemon GO

That means, that Pokémon GO only has true logic in the towns and villages of large size. Something that has nothing to do with the original game and the series, in which small towns used to having the most noteworthy places of the game, and sometimes hidden Pokémon, and where walking through the nature, or explore a cave, was part of any of the versions of the game.

I don’t want to say that it is wrong Pokémon GO to have his base mainly in the cities. It is the logical if we consider that it is where the users are, and if we take into account the social factor that plays a key role in this game. However, it is also true that significance should be given to exploring nature, for example. That certain Pokémon only appear in certain areas of exploration or far to the cities.

Niantic still has the ability to solve this with the news that are coming, and would bring him to play an additional component, the having to work a little more getting some Pokémon. Finally, Pokemon games have always had something, and that it was impossible to overcome them in a few days. Something similar should happen with Pokémon GO. And I think that it can happen. In fact, I think that we have seen so far is nothing more than a Beta, and that the best is yet to come.

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