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Pokémon GO loses users, but still more money

It seemed to Pokémon GO fever is finished, or at least seemed to have sent. Now already are less those users that used both the game to capture Pokemon. However, that does not mean that Pokemon GO is or much less finish. In fact, the figures indicate that the amount of money that are winning by them shopping in-app even is top.

Pokémon GO does not die

Is developed quickly in the video game for mobile with more success of the history, by the amount of users that got that play. Has been all a phenomenon in the world of the smartphones. And as such, it is logical that at some point the situation normalized a little and began to lose habitual users. It has occurred, and many have already spoken of the ‘end’ of Pokémon GO, or rather the end of that tremendous success that seemed to be having. Error. Yes, is certain that the situation is something more normal level of users, although still counting with a quantity high of these.


However, contrary to what one might think, Pokémon GO follows wind aft and under full sail. And it is that if measured by number of users, we may receive some negative figures, but if we measure the amount of money they make, occurs opposite. Pokémon GO is now making more money for the purchases in-app than before, when he was supposedly more users. In reality, the game is a money-making machine. With that factor of competitiveness among the users that made that you investing some money we can move more quickly, and with the high volume of users that has, no wonder nothing that income is getting Niactic are superior by far to those obtained by other companies who Excel in the world of mobile gaming, as King , or the own Google.

Even so, it seems that Pokémon GO has managed to open a door that was previously closed, and users are now more willing to spend some money on video games. And it is that with the growth in revenues from Pokemon GO also there has been a growth in revenue by by the rest of the companies in-app purchase, which means that far from affecting you Pokémon GO effect, is being beneficial for all the mobile games industry.

We will see, that Yes, for how long Pokémon GO remains at the top. Is important that start to get news already to the game to not end up dying.

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