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Pokémon GO is updated with news on the location to the hunt

Players Android, there is a news that is has to know from the title that has triumphed in summer: Pokemon GO is updated . Apart from some corrections and improvements in the performance offered by development, especially with the less powerful terminals, advances have been included in relation to the use of the location to the hunt. You have it all.

So, Pokémon GO is updated and the new version–which is the 0.39- is already being deployed to users from the shop Play Store (although the process is slow, by which no despair), so it is only question that turn comes to get it. The case is one of the big news that is heading is that, now, rejoins the place in which it is trapped a creature in question, so it’s always possible to go back if you need one of the same type.

New details of future trade in Pokémon GO

Is that, as you see, the location gives enough for this development which demonstrated that augmented reality is something that can be leveraged to maximum to have fun. By the way, that this information, it is possible to send it to other players, in the case of so wanting, which always allows to create community.

Juego Android Pokémon GO

Other options included

Apart from those mentioned and that, in our case we have seen that at terminals with processor Snapdragon 400 running game will more fluid thank you Pokemon GO to is updated. Additionally, other functionality have been added to the bracelet that not long ago is available for sale and which serves to facilitate the use of the development without handling the phone.

Capturando en Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Plus bracelet is here, but it presents some problems of compatibility

This is none other than power handling incense to attract creatures from the said attachment, so that the creature is attracted. What can it not especially important, makes it advisable to get the new version of the game as soon as you have the possibility that makes comfort, which is what it is with Pokemon GO Plus.

WP-Appbox: Pokemon GO (Free*, Google Play) →

The case is that Pokemon GO is updated and improves, without them added is spectacular clear (this will happen when comes the possibility of make transactions between them players, something that takes more than it expected). Other games for Google’s operating system, you can find them in this section of Android support.

Pokémon GO article is updated with news on the location to the hunt was published in AndroidAyuda.

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