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Pokemon GO beat them 50 million of downloads in 20 days

No one could have said that just 20 days after its release, Pokémon GO would release figures which reached right now, nothing more and nothing less than 50 million downloads in almost three weeks and only Google Play. Goes road of overcome to apps like Instagram to this rhythm, and certainly, very far from any other game that is has released never.

Pokemon GO

When you get that a franchise as Pokemon have success and follow growing along 20 years, usually this franchise is converts in a success resounding in the market. That has been demonstrated with Pokémon GO. The game not only is a success of masses, but has got even capture to users that never before is had raised what was a Zubat or an Ekans, while now are by all sides.

50 million downloads in just 20 days is what has managed to Pokémon GO without taking into account a highly relevant factor, and is the game so far has not released all over the world.

Pokemon GO

Much remains to be launch

In addition to having that launch is in other regions of the world, the game still has that improve and include many more functions. At least, that is what hope after Niantic, the developers of the game, confirmed that until now Pokemon GO only is the 10% of what await that is in the future. Is a lot to throw yet. And many new features to come. When continuing flows of news we see then if Pokémon GO has been a transient fever, or if really the game aims to have much success over the years. That it will be watching. Currently downloads are already promising, and at this rate could even reach the level of applications as Instagram.

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