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Play Store will hide the applications that you have installed in the searches

News day the Google developments for the operating system for mobile devices. Once we have discussed today same becomes her version of the created Maps application testing by company of Mountain View, now it’s up to the own Play Store receive a novelty that has its raison d ‘ être in the utility. And this, is very good.

The new addition is unfolding gradually in the different regions in which Play Store is available, as it is the case of Spain. That Yes, at least for the moment and in the race we have done in different terminals novelty is not activated in our country. And we say activated since, to get it, is you don’t have to install anything – arrives from servers everything since the development already installed on the phone and tablets has everything you need to do so.

Apertura Google Play Store

The novelty at the Google store

And what is added to Play Store? As a new slider on the screen in which are a summary list of applications, either by a search made by the user in a particular way and, also, which are by default in the store of applications (such as, e.g., top sellers). The role that this new element, if activated, is to hide already installed developments to disappear from the list.

Nuevo deslizador en Play Store para ocultar aplicaciones instaladas

This makes what always shows something that is not on the Android device, and removes what you don’t want to see (however much that already got development card installed, this form of management believe that it is much more efficient and useful). The position, moreover, is one of the best possible since, as you can see in the video recorded by a user who already has this option, the venue is the top. In addition, manipulation is complete at all times, so it is possible to enable or disable the slider when you want to.

Click here to see the video

Now remains to be seen if the implementation of the new additive in Play Store arrives quickly to all regions , hope so. And, in addition, if this will be heading in all sections of the development of the company from Google, as for example in listing all of my applications and games (which really would be more efficient). What do think?

Play Store item will hide the applications that you have installed in the searches was published in AndroidAyuda.

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