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Play Pac-Man and company with your friends on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has just announced a new for your messaging application, Facebook Messenger, that gives us one more reason to install the application. Is is of Instant Games, with which we can play to games as Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Arkanoid, with our friends, challenging them, directly from Facebook Messenger.

Instant Games in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger continues giving steps to convert is in an application essential for those users. But when Facebook bought WhatsApp we thought that it would be impossible that Facebook Messenger had a future, the truth is that if you have had it, has reached a record of users, and is becoming an application with more features. The latest is Instant Games, some may perhaps remember the game of basketball that they released in which he could compete with your friends to see who could dunk more. This game was executed thousands of million times, and is for this reason that the company has decided to launch this new platform for games. We can now play directly in Facebook Messenger with our friends.

Instant Games Facebook

Among the games that we have many classics like Pac-Man, Arkanoid or Space Invaders, among others, but also with other more recent as Words with Friends.

Instant Games arrives to Facebook Messenger in 30 countries, and a fairly extensive collection of games. The idea is that we can play games directly from the app. Although at the time the application was too heavy and seemed just an app that we were forced to install in order to use Facebookmessages, now is quite the opposite. Far from being an app that takes up space, is an app that we can play with our friends without having to install each of these games, which is very interesting.

Facebook Messenger is now available for users in Spain both in the version for Android as iOS, and we can use it to challenge our friends to play titles like the mentioned Pac-Man or Space Invaders, as well as to other games that are being included within this platform over time, because actually it seems is that Facebook wants to convert its app of messaging on a medium of communication that go further than the messages.

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