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Pixel Launcher from Android or installed on almost any phone

A few days ago was released the first preview for developers of what will be the future Android or, the next iteration of the operating system from Google that has no name but already filled headlines. If you want to try a detail of this new software, you then teach how to install the Pixel Launcher to be included with it.

The truth is that changes, at a glance, are quite few or hardly perceptible. That does not mean that they do not exist and what can be found are new features like the new gestures to access the applications menu. In this new Pixel Launcher just slide your finger in any direction to access this and not only from below upwards. The truth is that there is no news, beyond problems solved and more stability, more extensive. If you still want to try this new Pixel Launcher from Android or, here are the steps to install it.

How to install the Android or Launcher Pixel

Firstly if you have installed Google’s Pixel Launcher , should remove it from your smartphone. That also includes the “Nexus Launcher” which has been leaked recently. If you have installed either of the two you have to remove them from your mobile phone.

What you need is now, have enabled the options to install applications from unknown sources. With this enabled, you can now download APK that I link here though, that Yes, you have to keep in mind that you should have with a mobile phone with Android Marshmallow or higher.

The process will be quick and simple, like installing any APK from file. Once completed the process, only you will have to, in the majority of cases, give a long press the button home of your terminal (or failing) to the central icon from the navigation bar and choose from it the Pixel Launcher that appears between them that they have installed.

If your phone is not rooted, the road ends here for you but if you root, still you can get more out of the Pixel Launcher from Android or. You have to install Link2SD and give you root access to your system. Once there, you can enter an option called “Convert to System App“. Choose the Pixel Launcher and restart the device.

What do you get with this? Since you integrated Google page on your phone desktop to access it. But if this is not the key for you and you don’t have root, the other functions will be available.

The article installing the Pixel Launcher from Android or on almost any phone was published in AndroidAyuda.

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