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PIX It, give your icons the look of the Google Pixel

Google Pixel turned into mobile phones of the year within the Android world. They have a lot popularity in the market in which it is already available. Not yet in Spain. The renewed appearance of the interface has called attention, and especially the circular icons. You can now give that look to the icons of your mobile phone with Pix It, but in a much more streamlined way.

Customizing icons

Android customization options are notably high. We can change the launcher, colors, menus, and on some smartphones even complete issues. However, something that stands out is the possibility to change the icons, and that is possible in almost any mobile with Android and almost any of the most used launchers. Thanks to that, for example, we can give you our mobile interface an aspect similar to the interface of the Google Pixel.

Google Pixel

PIX It, just inspired by the Google Pixel

We are not talking about a perfect icon of the Google Pixel copy, because in reality such applications we had seen in the past. We speak rather of an inspiration on these icons. And is that Pix It has something that calls especially the attention. On the one hand, not only us are going to find with them icons of them apps more popular, but also are going to have icons of the applications that come installed in them mobile of many marks, so these not break the style of our interface. But in addition to this, something that is very characteristic and is very well achieved in this kit of icons is that even though the application does not have a specific icon, will be adapted so that its appearance is really like and does not clash in any case.

WP-Appbox: PIX it – Icon Pack (€0.99+, Google Play) →

Pix It is an app of icons that has a price of a euros, and there are that have it in has if like give you an appearance similar to the of them Google Pixel, although custom, to your mobile. If you want a still more precise aspect of the mobile company, you also have other icons kit based exactly on the Google Pixel. You can even install the Pixel Launcher on your mobile. Or install the animated wallpaper that comes with the Google Pixel so your phone looks like still more smartphones of the search engine.

Pix It item, your icons give the appearance of the Google Pixel was published in AndroidAyuda.

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