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PingTools, the essential app for WiFi networks geeks

The networks WiFi form part of our life, of our around. Are here and beyond, us surround by all them places of the world, and today there are many in all those sites where we are. If you are a geek of the networks WiFi, PingTools is the application imperative for you.

PingTools, managing your network WiFi

With PingTools can get have the domain absolute on your network WiFi, knowing in all time what devices are connected in the network, what is the intensity of the signal, e even how is modifies the intensity of the signal in them different areas. If for example like test if the location of your router in an area of your House is it correct, this application you will help to check if the intensity of the signal will be the required in them different places, something that can be very useful. In addition, is also very useful as a tool for scanning of ports, WiFi networks in general, or even to locate data bases whois of the IP addresses.

In general, is a very useful application for users who constantly work with networks, such as technicians, as well as for any power user in the computer world that wants to reach beyond what has to do with the management of connections your home or your work. In fact, if you’re a user very interested in Android, it is possible that you are also very curious of the world of networks and connections to the Internet, this application is perfect for you.

Although it is not the only one that exists of this type, PingTools is also an application that we like very much by the modern and minimalist interface that has, that makes it an app very current and very well suited to mobile phones with Material Design.

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PingTools is a free app which is available on Google Play. Includes advertising in its version free, but also there is a version of payment of 2.99 euros, with it will have the possibility of finish with the advertising.

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