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Painnt, another app with artistic photos of Prism-style filters

At Prism they begin to reach out rivals. I must say that the artistic effects in photographs are not really new, but after Instagram boom and different apps filters, seems that the artistic filters have returned to gain relevance, and another app that we must take into account is Painnt.


Artistic filters are in fashion, and that is why applications like Prism, which first came to iOS and Android, then are having so much success. But it is also true that they are becoming “rivals” that can compete with Prism perfectly. And we say it in quotes because in reality they are not rivals, but simply another type of similar applications that offer us more options. In the case of Painnt us find with an app that has with a series of filters free that can use, having a quantity considerable. And then also counts with all a series of filters of payment for which there will be that be subscribed to said service.


All the filters are classified in different categories, as Classic, modern, sketch, mosaic, psychedelic, Material and nature. Within each of the categories we will find the free, as well as some with the Premiumlogo.

When you choose these, are those who are, we can see a preview of the image that we have selected, as well as make different adjustments on the image, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, tone, sharpness, reducing noise…

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For now, in Beta

Painnt is currently an Beta application that has not yet officially launched, but which is now available on Google Play. This means that even though you can use it in mobile phones, it is possible that we find errors and failures in the app to use it, so should not be strange that, at some point, some unexpected closure, or some function does not work correctly. Either way, as we can even send our recommendations for the application or give suggestions for troubleshooting.

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