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OxygenOS 4.0 with Android 7 becomes 3 OnePlus and OnePlus 3T

We told you yesterday and today to comply. The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T is receiving update. It is a new firmware. OxygenOS 4.0 is the newest version. Is based in Android 7.0 Nougat. And begins to be available from today itself for some users that have the OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3 T.

OxygenOS 4.0 with Android 7 OnePlus 3

Was logical that with the update to one of these two smartphones came also the new version to the other. Let us note that the 3 OnePlus and OnePlus 3T are almost the same smartphone. There are some differences, but scarce. And at the level of software we do not find even one. Is by that that when yesterday was announced the launch today of the version definitive, is announced to them two, not only for one.

OnePlus 3T Camara

And already is coming to some users that have been them privileged in power convert is in them first in receiving the new version. Don’t worry if you have one of these mobile and you have not yet received it. Is that the update will be expanding is of form progressive among all the users. It has first come to a reduced amount of users, and little by little they will receive the update OTA all users who have a OnePlus 3 or a OnePlus 3T.

What’s new with Oxygen OS 4.0

Now well, what are the novelties with which arrives Oxygen YOU 4.0 based in Android 7.0 Nougat for them OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T? Because some of them are based in the news that came to Android with the new version. Either way, they are as follows:

  • New design for the notifications section
  • New design for the settings menu
  • Multi-window function for running multiple applications simultaneously
  • Direct response to notifications
  • Compatibility with the modification of the pixel density
  • New options for the icons in the status bar
  • Upgrades in the customization options

The OxygenOS 4.0 upgrade arrives precisely when CyanogenMod has announced its closure. It’s funny because the OnePlus One was launched with Cyanogen OS, later moved to its own ROM, and today has a lot of quality and self-developed software. And it has proven to be a good decision by the company, as OxygenOS 4.0 today is excellent and Cyanogen OS has finished disappearing. Would have been the future of the OnePlus if they still had Cyanogen OS?

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