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Or Android will allow notifications to disappear if they are no longer useful

Details of Android or continue revealing little by little, but still is a time to have the operating system on phones. Since its official announcement a few days ago it is known that notifications will be one of the major changes that will bring the operating system update. Notifications will go in batches, we will be able to silence them so simple or we can prioritize which create necessary, silencing the rest.

With Android or we can silence notifications of applications we do not give that too much use or whose notices do not interest us both: offers on applications of food, notification to the capture screen or the alert of a new chapter in your series of phone manager. Now, in addition, Google has unveiled that some notifications may disappear on their own If do not make you a case over a period of time.

It occurs many times the phone applications to notify us of something and when we see it is too late. Offers breakfast for up to ten in the morning Sunday and we woke up at eleven o’clock. Offers in the market of any game during the next hour and we see it six hours later, out of work. See this type of notifications later it gives us nothing (except frustration in some cases) so they may disappear.

This function will take in charge the developer, which may include a stopwatch in the alerts so that the notification disappears as and it does not serve for nothing and is too late to read it.


Or Android will arrive with more improvements to notifications, as we have already explained. The big news will be reporting channels. Contenido filtersor that can be activated as needed us and depending on the applications that you have installed.

Notifications will appear through channels and to disable a specific only to press on them and disable the button. For example, we can disable notifications of screenshots, announcements of phone storage…

You can also stop notifications during a short period of time. In case of entering a meeting, enter the library to pick up a book or taking a NAP, you can mute them (‘snoozeed’) for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or onehour, so don’t bother.

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The new Android update will come with other notable improvements. It will improve the autonomy of phones off battery consumption of the background in the mobile applications, for example. It will also include a PIP mode that will play videos while we use another application, so it can comment on them, take note or simply view a video clip while we are speaking through messaging applications, for example.

Among the novelties discovered in recent days, moreover, seems than Android or it will automatically turn on WiFi if you detect a known network yguardada on the phone. A useful option for the clueless who come home with WiFi off and use the data rate to watch videos or listen to music.

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