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OPPO, live and OnePlus are actually the same company

It is not new, but we want to clarify it, because they are three companies that have gained a great deal of relevance in recent years. OPPO, live and OnePlus are, in fact, from the same company. This does not mean that they are exactly the same, but yes that the three companies have much to do. Two of them are now on the list of the TOP 5 manufacturers of mobile in the world, and the other is of the most popular in Spain. Who is who in this network of company?

OPPO, the first we met?

I will speak from a personal point of view. The first company of this three I met was OPPO. Their smartphones were among the first to reach the international market of the Chinese market. Mobile that, in general, had a price, but that they were not of a high quality. This has changed over time. More quality, with similar prices, has made mobile phones real choices other smartphones that are officially sold in the Western market. Even OPPO has reached Europe officially. What’s more, they are sponsors of FC Barcelona, and today have announced a mobile with the reasons for the blaugrana equipment.¬†Today OPPO is characterized by offering a mobile in various ranges, with inexpensive and good designs. Let’s say that three companies, is offering the most comprehensive catalogue.

Oppo F1 Metal

Live, in the pursuit of excellence

Although obviously there are great similarities between OPPO and live, this latter company is more focused on excellence in their smartphones. Their prices are usually higher than of the mobiles of OPPO. It is difficult to find a live which will be really economical, and is why they are the best choice for users seeking a mobile phone really well, who are willing to spend a significant amount, but who want the best quality/price ratio, highlighting inter alia only Hi-Fi audio quality. Lately live is launching some smartphones of the highest quality, and this has led to its becoming one of the 5 manufacturers that sells more mobile in the world, beating brands such as Xiaomi, for example.

Vivo X6S

OnePlus, the flagship”killer”

OnePlus is the best-known brand for us, the best known in the West, and perhaps it is because since its first smartphone, all mobiles that have launched have been marketed internationally officially. OnePlus launches not many mobile and their smartphones have specific objectives, be “flagship killers”, i.e. to be mobile with technical features of high-end phones, but with lower prices. It was the OnePlus One, was OnePlus 2, and it will be a still more remarkable OnePlus 3. Interestingly, despite being more famous that the other two, OnePlus is not in the Group of companies that sells more mobile in the world. However, still another strategy, which, as we can see, also works perfectly.

OnePlus 2 Diseños

What they have to do these three companies?

They are not the same company, and theoretically are three independent companies. However, the three belong to the BBK Electronics, China Group. This makes that, far from being similar companies, they are completely different. The idea is to be different, with strategies and business approaches opposite each other. With mobiles that do not compete directly between them. Let’s say that the success was always assured. If a company I had no success, the other si. Although in this case, the three companies have been successful. OPPO and live are among the five companies that more mobile they have come in the first quarter of this year 2016, while OnePlus is the best-known of the three in the West. We’ll see if in time we do not see how these three companies begin to have a greater role in the market of smartphones.

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