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OPPO Find 9 would take the limit of the RAM memory up to 8 GB

Still today there are mobile mid-range with a 2 GB memory RAM. Not is wrong, actually. But it true is that that is is in nothing when think in that this year could get already the first smartphones that will count with memories RAM of nothing less that 8 GB. That would be the case of OPPO Find 9, a mobile phone that was actor the other day, and that will be one of the flagships of the year.

OPPO 9 Find

OPPO is going to gain much popularity this year. Their figures of sales already it would justify, because are among them five manufacturers that more mobile sold of the world, what means that are in the same list in which is found brands as Apple, Samsung or Huawei. But besides that, it seems that one of its smartphones could aspire to be the phone of the year thanks to its technical characteristics. We are talking about OPPO Find 9. The other day was already protagonist, because we said that it would have a Crystal Gorilla Glass 5, the same which has the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In fact, right now, only the latter has with this latest generation glass. Suppose that a glass so going to accompany to a display of high resolution.

OPPO Find 9

However, that is not the relevant right now, even if it might have something to do. What really matters is that this new OPPO Find 9 could have a RAM of no less than 8 GB. The MacBook Pro with which I am now writing this article has a 16 GB RAM memory, which means that the smartphone would have half of a fairly powerful computer RAM memory.

How will affect this to the performance? Because the truth is you might not have a noticeable effect on the performance of the mobile, especially compared with what would be a 4 GB RAM memory, for example. Whatever it is, is a characteristic of high level that could do that this smartphone became one of phones of the year, and all at a price that would not be an exaggeration to what is the market.

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