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OPPO Find 9, the rival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that you were waiting for

OPPO is has become in one of the main manufacturers of smartphones of the world. The marks could not be so family to some users as LG, HTC or Sony, but it certain is that OPPO sells more phones smart that these. And your great new smartphone comes to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, at least as far as your screen is concerned.

Gorilla Glass 5

And is that still not have many data on this new OPPO Find 9, but yes we know that an of them things with which will be the new smartphone will be a Crystal Gorilla Glass 5. So far, the only mobile featuring a glass of this type is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That means at least one thing, and is that the OPPO Find 9 will feature high-level features, as they have been all OPPO Find Mobile so far, although new generation. Taking into account that it will have a feature that until now only has been present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, is easy to reach the conclusion that the rest of technical features that will also will be owned a Smartphone of the highest range.

OPPO Find 9

Although we don’t know exactly what features will be, easily we can reach the conclusion that with a glass, screen will feature a Quad HD resolution. With a resolution of this type, is very likely that we find also a processor from the more high level, probably a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, as well as a memory RAM that will be of at least 4 GB. All this with a significantly lower price than many rivals that will have the smartphone on the market, so it will be the best choice for those looking for an economical mobile but at the same time be of high quality.

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