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OnePlus 5, so imagine his design in video

We can not deny it, we know that they are ‘false’ designs to some extent, or at all, but we love to see the concepts proposed by different creators for future terminals although never come true. It is the case of the OnePlus 5, a device which should arrive this year – given aversion having Asians number 4 – and that if you look in this manner, sure that nobody would complain.

Are on the market almost all the “top” that were out. There are still some illustrious as Xiaomi Mi6, but that is expected will disclose this summer include also the OnePlus 5. Although its design still little or nothing is known, or what we know are rumors still to be confirmed, what is clear is that the minds of designers have been to ponder and to imagine how it would be the next team of the ever-surprising Chinese brand.

So it could be – and we’d love to – OnePlus 5

After the small stumbling block has been the OnePlus 3, remedied with the OnePlus 3T, the company needs a shock and perhaps in any of these videos can find the inspiration to get it.

How can appreciate, you also bet because the OnePlus 5 would have curved screen, as almost all of the main terminals and are aimed at the fashion of the dual camera also.

They will not be missing, assume, with things such as 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 835good specifications, if you want to be at the height of their toughest competitors. We also see that the decision to take the fingerprint sensor to the rear, as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, would have an almost clean front only broken through the top, where the front-facing camera would be placed.

oneplus 5 camara

It will take many months for the submission of this 5 OnePlus and many pools that are on it, including which also in addition to a dual lens camera this would have a quality according to what until now has offered the brand in their previous models.

However, again what will determine the success of this OnePlus 5 will be your price. The danger of getting to users as it did with the OnePlus and OnePlus 2 it could have everything without paying for it a “premium” price has become them against her when, believing that they had the necessary prestige, touched the barrier of 600 euro with the OnePlus 3 – and came the batazao-. We are intrigued with this OnePlus 5 and we will see if in the end the company skips 4 by superstition and this new model brings them more luck than the previous.

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