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OnePlus 5, first filtered image showing its rear camera

OnePlus presented just a few weeks ago the Midnight Black model for its OnePlus 3T. But all eyes are on your next Smartphone, the OnePlus 5, which is expected with 8 GB of RAM, dual camera and that now already has been seen a image.

One of the great phones that are discover this 2017 is the new model of OnePlus, el OnePlus 5 (skipping the model number 4 since it coincides with the number of bad luck in china), which expected to be presented in the middle of this year. A terminal that is expected with double rear camera, a rumor that has been gaining strength in recent weeks and now seems to confirm a little more due to strained first phone photography.

The image that has been filtered by a hindu means shows the back of a phone with enough similarities OnePlus 3. Fingerprint sensor does not appear in the picture displayed by what is intuited that mark will continue to put it on the Home front button. Although it is also expected that the brand can go one step further and include under the screen one ultrasonic sensor. In the part back If you can see the dual camera which had been protagonist of the last rumours though specs will have are not yet known: lenses, or resolution or sensors.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5, features

OnePlus 5 specifications makes time are rumored. Your RAM memory could be 8 GB, according to some rumors, giving enormous power to the phone. However, others speak of that I would only stay in the 6 GB of RAM. In terms of capacity, OnePlus 5 would have two options of 64 and 128 GB storage.

In addition, the new model would come with 835 Snapdragon (the same processor including the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in the American version). In their improvements with respect to earlier models also OnePlus 5 is expected the first brand phone with QHD display.

In terms of design, according to the new picture, the phone is nothing new with respect to the previous model except his dual camera. It will have to wait for new leaked images and characteristics or wait in the middle of year to meet officially this phone. Although it is still only rumors, seems that OnePlus will put everything on the table for the model BREW in the list of terminals more desired this 2017.

OnePlus lanzaría el primer smartphone con CyanogenMod de serie.

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