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Nokia will launch up to seven moving in 2017, starting in February

New year, new life. And it seems that this year comes to life a giant to which all were dead from its alliance with Microsoft.  Of course speak of Nokia, which is reborn and returns more eager than ever, from the hand of Android, who does not expect or dream to see the quality of mobile Nokia, accompanied by the most popular in the world, in this case Android operating system. If are so excited as I, rush you to read, because according to the latest leaks could see 6 or 7 phones until end the year.

The new mobile of Nokia

The image we can see below, was shown in an event to one of the most important distributors of the brand in Malaysia.

If you look at the slide, we see that throughout the year, will be 6 or 7 models as I have said previously, in low range, medium and high.


As I have already spoken at other times, according to the filtering more imminent in to launch phone would be known as usual Nokia D1C (this does not mean that this is his commercial name).

By what we can know of it would be a device of range average, with a screen Full HD 1080 p , and the latest version of the system operating 7.0 Android Nougat.

Nokia Portada

Updated to the latest version

We in fact do not expect less than Nokia, that their phones are the latest as soon as referred to in this section. Get smartphones with another version that is not Android 7.0 Nougat would be a mistake in my point of view and we also expect to do so well since the appearance of the updates.

If it is true that we have said that 6 or 7 models will be presented, but we still don’t know how many will see Spain.

In any case, we will have to wait for the MWC to clear our doubts, since there hope to at least see some unit.

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