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Nokia said its mobile will be updated forever

Nokia are back. The company has announced a series of new smart phones that will be hitting the market with the passage of time, but confirming the fact that Nokia is already here again. However, a curious thing is that company plans would be to update their phones forever. Is this possible?

Indefinite updates

Maybe that Nokia has begun to make promises that cannot be met. Or it may be simply the social networks of the company Manager error. The official profile of the company received a question about what updates would receive their phones, the response was that the new Android Nokia will receive both complete updates of the operating system, such as monthly security updates.

However, the question not ended there, since then Nokia was questioned about how much time will update their phones since the launch. The Nexus and Google Pixel have a two-year upgrade assurance. A user mentioned that Apple has updated their mobile until four years after the launch.

But what has surprised is the response from Nokia: “Always”. Will they provide indefinite updates?

Nokia will be very updated

While we’d like to believe that it is true, this is also impossible. New versions of Android are modifying the requirements to run the different APIs, and sometimes certain components on the mobile are necessary to run. If the phone does not have these components, it will be impossible to update it.

This is why only updates that Yes will be in Nokia will be the security. It can be that the company has planned that its mobile continue receiving security updates almost indefinitely.

But if so, it is for two reasons. One of them is that the company may have decided not to release a lot of mobile. However, this is difficult to believe when they already have three released, seems more to be released, and only a few months ago that they have begun to launch mobile. The other option is that the firmware for all of their phones will be very similar, mainly in what has to do with security updates. Even so, say “forever” seems a bit complex. However, it might be something by what Nokia wants to be characterised. It remains to be seen if they succeed.

The Nokia article says that their phones will be updated forever was published in AndroidAyuda.

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