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Nokia again, with Android, and release date confirmed

Nokia returns to the market. It does so with Android as an operating system, and also does it with a release date confirmed, although approximate. Speak of the first quarter of the year 2017, by which began already to build of a way more firm the road for it turned of Nokia to the market. This is all what you have announced.

Nokia, HMD, and Foxconn

All the news that you are going to read about the launch of these smartphones coming year, include a sole holder: Nokia returns to the market of mobile phones. But beyond that, you are going to find you with different names, brands and factories, and it will be very difficult to understand where he comes each. You are going to read a brand called HMD, which is which is selling Nokia mobile phones. You are going to read something from Foxconn. You are going to find you too with Microsoft of by means, and even with a company called FIH Mobile Limited… OK, now what?

Nokia A1 Portada

Who is who?

We all know what Nokia, right? Actually what he paints here the current company is little. It is a brand. And that is their role. Nokia will make the brand mobile phones that will come. Mean that these mobile will not have nothing of what in the past was the great company? Maybe not. The phones will be designed by HMD, company that has the Nokia trademark rights to market mobile phones over the next 10 years. HMD is a company sponsored by Arto Nummela, who was part of Microsoft. Before Microsoft, he was in the own Nokia, and has worked on the creation of products, business development, marketing and sales. I.e. has known what was the ancient Finnish perfectly company, then joined Microsoft with bet this by the old brand of mobile, and finally decided to integrate into a new company, also Finnish, called HMD.

As always, some design phones, and others are responsible for manufacturing or Assembly. In this case, the undertaking will be FIH Mobile Limited. It is the company that will manufacture for HMD, although it could be any other. Although, that Yes, it is not one company either. Part of Foxconn, and also bought the unintelligent Microsoft Mobile manufacturing division. This last piece of information is not very relevant, except for the fact that this relates them with Nokia, to have been interested in their previous products, and also form part of that glorious period of the company.

In short, it is something like the union of former employees and employees of Nokia that continue to rely on the brand, they’ve always had a plan for this which is more interesting is that mapping by managers in the offices of the higher plants of the headquarters of the companies, and that could be exactly what users were looking for.

Nokia + Android

And the key is simple. Nokia + Android. Microsoft wanted us to sell that what threw the invention of mobile phone with Google’s operating system, but finally it was not more than a total failure. It had Android, but there was nothing of what they had on Android. The new mobile Nokia it will be purely Android. And if finally we found the quality of the Finnish company with the versatility of an operating system like Android, we could have some moving of great success in the market. They will arrive in the first quarter of the year 2017, probably being presented in February at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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