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Nokia 5, a still cheaper Mobile Mobile World Congress 2017

It seemed that Nokia was going to land on the European market in the Mobile World Congress 2017 with the Nokia 6, already presented in China. But not, it seems that it will have a new smartphone, one still cheaper and more basic, that would be one of the best options for those who look for a mobile phone that works well with an affordable price. So shall the Nokia 5.

Nokia 5

While the Nexus 6 was a good smartphone, the Nokia 5 could be a mobile still more striking for users by having a range of basic technical characteristics 6 Nokia, but mainly for the fact of being one smartphone more cheaply. And it is a technical sheet that we now know of the mobile, we cannot expect that its price exceeds 100 euros for much money. Your screen would be 5.2 inches with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which means a reduction in screen resolution with respect to the first mobile presented by the company. Your camera would also be more basic, with a main unit of 12 megapixel camera and a front-facing 8-megapixel camera.

Nokia 6 Negro

That Yes, the heart of the smartphone would be the same, a new generation and entry-level processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 . However, with this processor mobile should work very well, and offer compatibility with Quick Charge fast charge technology. All this without forgetting a 2 GB memory RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB. Compared with the Nokia 6, the smartphone would be markedly more basic. Although this not is negative, and more if have in account that this will make that have a price significantly more economic.

Users looking for a mobile cheap and have quality, will have the Nokia 5 objective, and more taking into account that the mobile Chinese will not raised as many guarantees as a company like Nokia. The strategy is very clear by his party. In addition, let us not forget that it seems that they could also launch a flagship in the Mobile World Congress 2017. In this way, they would have on the market both with high-end mobile and mobile basic range. Nokia could would be following the path that we talked about, because essential smartphones they needed to succeed in the market is released.

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