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No, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not same as the Galaxy S7

The mono-tema of conversation yesterday between everyone who liked the technology and the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8 hangover is far from dispelled. Now, Samsung with some more calm tells us more calmly why the Galaxy S8 camera is not equal to the of the Galaxy S7.

On paper, it was easy to say “Samsung has repeated camera”, but in fact the Korean company has done something more to put a Dual-Pixel 12 MP sensor and an opening f/1.7. Starting with lenses that have been improved, the company has seeded the particularities of the camera of the new terminal and after reading them, we cannot say that they have not put work in the terminal.

Galaxy S8 camara

A totally different image processing

The first is what he calls “multi-frame image processing“, and is a way to ensure photo perfectly lit, no matter the occasion. To do this, the camera takes three photos and choose the best, using the other two to better focus and have a better treatment of colors, shadows and lighting. This applies even when we talk about photos taken with zoom in the evening. And thanks to the processor of the S8, the camera is so fast that it is not noticed the difference with other smartphones that only take a photo “what exit”.

Total change in the front

If we are talking about the front camera, it has changed a lot the thing from the 8 MP against the 5 MP of the S7 Galaxy. Both have f/1.7, a figure that remains from the low of the market but also add front autofocus and facial recognition.

More added

Among others added as well we have that the company added up to 16 filters to the camera including 8 which serve to improve the images and faces. In addition, given fashion that there is, we also have 34 stickers and 50 stamps to add them to photos before sharing them. But we also find the animated stickers. The Snapchat style, recognize our face and we can remove selfies fun with them as if we take put masks, glasses, etc.

Finally, the Galaxy S8 incorporates a system of control with one hand for the camera – vale, that also had the Galaxy Note 7 but not the Galaxy S7 – that with several finger movements can be accessed and have control of all functions of the device’s camera.

Item No., the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera isn’t the same that of the S7 Galaxy was published in AndroidAyuda.

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