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Night mode arrive on Twitter

Twitter is updated with a new version that includes a main novelty the night mode. It is a novelty that there are been coming to different apps and different platforms over time in order to avoid the great source of light that assumed a mobile when we use it at night or in low-light environments. And now the customer official of Twitter already has with this mode night with which it will reduce the impact of the screen.

Night mode

The new night mode is now available for all users that have an Android smartphone and update to the latest version of the official Twitter app. The only thing necessary is access to the left sidebar, and then select night mode, to be all dark interface, both the menus, such as the own Twitter.

Twitter Logo

Yes, we must bear in mind that the app does not happens to be black, but that happens to be dark blue. In my opinion, this not is all positive, because is could have gotten something better with a background of color black full. In the case of the screens with technology AMOLED, in addition to reducing the level of brightness of the screen, would reduce the level of energy consumption due to the black background in mobile phones with this screen does not consume energy, to power off the corresponding LED.

Is as is, is a novelty that it incorporates now to the application. Now only missing that other applications and platforms of the same or superior level also include this interface type dark, as it could be the case of Facebook, Instagram, or the own whatsapp, for example. Apps that long could have included this way but they have not done so, although it is now more likely to be included.

Article the night mode arrive to Twitter was published in AndroidAyuda.

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