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Niantic advances them news of the update of Pokémon GO

Gone now are the days where Pokémon GO was the only thing that was talked about on the Internet, press, TV or radio. After a few months of unparalleled success, finally the bubble of the Nintendo game is has been deflated. Has some of the blame himself developer of the game, who has not been able to give, at the moment, the title a second life by adding interesting news after every update of Pokémon GO.

And seems that the arrival of the version 0.43.3 of the game not goes to change them things since while many users expect news it enough interesting as so return to play to Pokemon GO suppose an incentive, the reality is that them responsible of the title continue introducing improvements under that not make rather than despair to them players.

Don’t expect to find great and surprising novelties in the Pokemon GO update, since as he has just announced a few hours Niantic on his official Facebook page new features of the game go through change the design of the eggs as the necessary distance so that us premiem with a new Pokemon, add the type of Pokemon icons to the list a new battery indicator low for Pokemon GO Plus, the wearable accompanying the game, and the typical corrections of texts and gameplay which added these reviews.

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And the functions expected?

As it can be seen by these developments announced by Niantic to the next update of Pokémon GO they are not all that could be expected for the Nintendo game, a title that every passing day lost thousands and thousands of users after that unexpected boom produced in the early summer of this year despite the inclusion of new features in the game.

If Pokemon GO to regain these lost by the way players who have tired of a repetitive gameplay that seems to get worse with each update of the game, it should approach the title much more approach to the original saga on Nintendo consoles. We refer of course to the possibility to trade Pokemon with other players and, above all, the possibility of participating in battles with our friends.

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