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New version of Swype Keyboard with numbers row sliding keyboard

The new version of Swype Keyboard has some very interesting news. It is now available for download on Google Play a trial version that extends the functionalities of the sliding keyboard. Among them, it incorporates a row of numbers and a predictive emojis option. But there is still more. Come and discover them.

The Swype Keyboard sliding keyboard is one of the most used in the market. Because their ability to “learn” our way of writing is very powerful, but it is not which is more updated. The latest version has come with many new features. Here are them all, and in addition, other intuitive keyboard options to choose the one that suits your needs.

Swype Keyboard: sliding keyboard with new options

Swype Keyboard is who put us to write by sliding your finger between letters, rather than go by pressing one. But compared with other options such as Swiftkey or the keyboard itself from Google, it was never updated so often. The latest version of this broad application the Swype v3.0.1 with 5 new features:

  • Emoji predictions based on the content of the text we wrote
  • Option to include a row of numbers at the top of the keyboard
  • It improves the recognition engine to adapt to our way of writing
  • We can hide the secondary options to have a cleaner keyboard
  • Improve writing by landslide.

These are the most interesting features. Also incorporates the recognition of Chinese characters in the way handwriting and several new languages to the keyboard as the Russian.

teclado deslizante swype

It remains to be seen if emojis prediction will be well received, although if Swype Keyboard incorporates it will be for something. Emojis use spreads like foam, and insurance combined with predictive writing party removed. What if it is very useful is to have a row of numbers. Thus, we won’t have to change the keyboard to keep writing without lifting your finger of the mobile.

WP-Appbox: Swype Keyboard Trial (Free+, Google Play) →

As we have seen, Swype Keyboard is available in trial version. If you conquer, you can buy the Pro version for €1.13. Anyway, we give other free options very good value for the users.

Predictive keyboard Android free

There are many options keyboard predictive Android on Google Play, free of charge. We offer you two of them that also offer the use of a keyboard and emojis intuitive writing. In addition, they have updated on this last week.

Swiftkey keyboard

The main advantage of Swiftkey keyboard is his intelligence. It has a recognition engine very powerful that makes predictive writing or slip-ups is very reliable. You will have the feeling of that guess what you are going to write almost without touching your phone.

It also includes the Swiftkey Cloud option to carry other devices keyboard what you’ve learned from your way of writing.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

For lovers of the emoji. Kika Emoji Keyboard daily updates its library with new small and large icons. The advantage is that they are totally free emojis, equal to the application. It also includes many themes to customize your keyboard and allows you to change the font that you write, and the option to search for GIF.

In short, is the ideal choice if what you like is to customize without stopping your Android mobile. In addition, don’t miss less intuitive keyboard because it incorporates it and works fine.

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