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New to Google Maps: you can set up multiple destinations

If you’re a regular application user Google Maps to make it which gives the routes from one point to another, you should know which there is something new that just knowing that it is very interesting: you can set multiple destinations to create a path with the development of the Mountain View company.

By the time this novelty is not heading in the final version of Google Maps, but it has been seen in the code of the of test (9.31) that includes everything you need for your use and, therefore, that the is already tested by what have been high in this variant of the company’s work. That Yes, in some regions are already several users who indicate that they have received the corresponding update where you can give use seamless functionality.

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The case, is that by setting various points in Google Maps these are van touring form staggered, and established by the user, to thus achieve the best possible route to the place of final destination. For example, if you see a beach place but before you want to go to see a monument that catches on the way, it is now possible to indicate this to the work of Google, and that go guiding every stop one after another.

Upgrading from servers

Then Yes, as in more than one occasion with the Mountain View company works, to include the necessary code in the application itself simply the order is given from servers that activate the functionality, and therefore it is not necessary to update some to use it. This is the case that we are talking about Google Maps – needs to have the latest version which has come from Play Store to make this possible, here is APK-.

Varios destinos en Google Maps

An additive than most expected, by the useful resulting , and that it will make more and more are those who decide to use Google Maps, which already offers from maps offline until the interaction with Local Guides. do this think a good novelty? is this development that use to create your routes when driving?

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