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New scam on WhatsApp with claim as Easter eggs

WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world. An application installed on most phones with Internet access which potentially becomes a perfect occasion to attacks and scams. Now, a new scam on WhatsApp with claim as Easter eggs

As claim Easter eggs

The criminals responsible for this new scam they pose as the famous brand of chocolates and Bonbons, Ferrero Rocher. They capture victims hiding behind the brand and using the messaging application. To achieve its goal, say offer 1,000 free Easter eggs only fill out a survey. In addition, the forwarded email says “mine already got it”.

Estafa WhatsApp

They are Ferrero Rocher or you’re going to win free chocolate. The company has nothing to do in this type and they are just criminals who used his name to scam through the false promotion.

Fill in the survey, as so often, only get that victims are eventually subscribed to an SMS Premium service which will cost money. The survey has only three questions, and five minutes to respond. Meanwhile, appear notices indicating that other people have won the prize at that time.

Estafa WhatsApp

Once you have answered the questions, the service asks you to share the offer with 10 more people, thus extending the thymus with your contacts. If you meet that you are asked, criminals displayed a screen in which you will have to put your phone number and your carrier, registering as well, unless you want in a SMS Premium service that will charge you extra charges on the line.

Estafa WhatsApp

The scam has already more than 175,000 clicks that continue to expand in various Spanish-speaking countries. It is expected that the number of clicks and victims continue expanding as on the date of Easter, a day celebrated in many cities around the world.

Avoid the scam

To put an end to such practices, question all messages coming to whatsapp, and including such messages. These messages often spread among groups of the application and messaging contacts so it is advisable that you ask the person before clicking, if you have any doubts, or who opt for do not puncture. Suspicious of promotions or contests that require you to click on a link and complete a survey.

If you see that someone sends this message in your application, in addition, you can warn you that this is a scam so stop forward it and causes more victims. Or to take measures in case of having fallen into the trap and need to turn off SMS Premium service without suffering the consequences on your telephone bill.

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