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New Pokémon GO radar comes to Spain

While the game has been abandoned by some users, as being one of the most successful in the history of smartphones. And a vital feature is now the game, that is the new Pokemon GO radar, one of the most anticipated since it was launched, and which is now already available in Spain.

New radar in Pokémon GO

He started undergoing tests in the San Francisco area, but it has gone to be available increasingly in more regions while it was still in evidence. And now comes to Europe, where we already have this new feature available. In Spain we can already use this Pokemon GO radar that comes to replace one that was virtually useless and that only we reported the Pokemon who had close, but that did not give us any clue of how to find them.

The new Pokemon GO radar is based on the Pokeparadas. I.e., we will say in the vicinity of which of these is the Pokemon that appears to us, so that we can find about the area in which it is located. Starting from there, must be sought in the surroundings of the Pokeparada to locate it, which will also require some effort to search.

Pokemon GO Radar

A more secure radar

The objective of Niantic with the new radar has been avoid that has problems with the game. In the past, we have been able to see users who even lost their lives by playing a Pokémon GO without care, and end up in dangerous areas, to let yourself go only by the radar of the game. The idea of Niantic with this new radar is that that is avoided. To use the Pokeparadas as a reference, and be these sites relatively safe and popular sites, in principle should not be dangerous for users, who will not have to be constantly watching your smartphone, but it will only have to reach the specified stop.

It is something intermediate between the original radar and radar useless that we had until yesterday itself. Now we have a much more useful reference on where are the Pokemon, while it remains safe for the users.

At the moment, that Yes, we still do not have traces of the second generation of Pokémon, which this month of December, still without a date set. Been on December 7, but we still do not know precisely whether that will be the final release date.

New Pokémon GO radar article arrives to Spain was published in AndroidAyuda.

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