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New HTC Nexus could become up to 128 GB of internal memory

Them mobile finally begin to count with them features with which always should have. We have said many times that smartphones have a capacity of internal memory for the price they have. However, that will change this year. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will already come with a basic version with 64 GB and HTC Nexus could surprise with an internal memory of 128 GB.

128 GB of internal memory

So far, except in some exceptional cases, we have not seen any smartphone that has a memory with a capacity greater than 128 GB with those who have the most advanced versions of the mobile market star. However, now those 128 GB could become more a standard than one version more. At least, so could occur in the case of the Nexus of HTC of this year 2016, something that would be very of thank, as perhaps would establish a previous pair all them others manufacturers, that could integrate units of memory internal similar.

Nexus 6P Dorado

The smartphone would have a 128 GB memory, a capacity that invites us to think that we would not need not even extend it using a microSD memory card, because in almost all cases, users will have enough with that memory for applications and for photographs. In any case, with the ability to upload photos to the cloud to have them always synchronized, and free, nor that it would be a problem, what could easily released almost automatically and the space on the mobile as necessary.

The 128 GB of memory from the new Nexus could be great news for the market if the other manufacturers follow the same example and decides to launch mobile with a higher capacity internal memory, at least you can forget memory problems that are now common on smartphones.

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